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Welcome to
La Casa Mia 

La Casa Mia, meaning "my home" in Italian, is a Japanese American family-owned restaurant located at 3548 Homestead Road, Santa Clara. Just like its' sister restaurant Orenchi, meaning "my home" in Japanese, our restaurants aim to bring a nostalgic sense of home to those who miss the authentic tastes of Japan. Since La Casa Mia is a Japanese Italian fusion restaurant, our dishes replicate the delicious Japanese style of Italian food that is so rare to find outside Japan. 

Just like for Orenchi Ramen, all of our noodles are freshly homemade using our pasta noodle recipes to guarantee quality, flavor, and texture. When dining at La Casa Mia, we recommend a tapas-style experience so everyone can enjoy the many unique dishes we have to offer!


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Holiday Close: 

We will be closed Thanksgiving (11/24)

Christmas eve and Christmas 

New Years Eve and New Years 

Lunch: Mon~Fri 11:30am ~2:00pm 

         SAT& SUN 11am~2:00pm

Dinner: SUN ~ THURS 6pm ~ 9pm

          FRI~SAT 6pm ~10pm

Sister Restaurants 

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